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Making Sprouts at Home

Indians traditionally always make sprouts at home. Healthy, crunchy, fresh and without plastic packaging. It is a good replacement for commercial sprouted beans! My Ayurvedic Vaidya always used to tell me, sprouts that have just emerged, are chock-full with the best enzymes and B Vitamins needed for your body & nutrition. In India, it took...


Dal & Pulses- Plant based protein.

Dals and pulses are an essential part of most Indian daily meals. Not only for vegetarians, but also those who eat meat, will cook a Dal most of the days. A variety of beans and pulses are grown all over India, as part of the crop rotation. Pulses comprise a major chunk of the protein...

June 9, 2021December 31, 2021

Vegan Coconut dessert

Super easy and quick to prepare, this Coconut dessert is one I had to adapt from my Indian-style coconut soufflé! Often when I have guests for dinner and if they are vegan, I tease my brain to find all the Indian non-dairy sweets. For friends who follow kosher meals, who do not eat dairy with...


Wild harvesting & Cooking

My journey into wild-harvesting and cooking seasonal, fresh and healthy, began at the age of eight. Our family had moved to a new house on the then outskirts of Poona (Pune), surrounded by the farmland of the landowner, which was being sold as plots to build. On three sides of our house was as yet...


Mangalore breakfast buns

Par’nd Poori. These donut-like buns are without a hole and has an airy secret pocket inside. A treat for us kids. On our few memorable trips to my granny in South India-Mangalore, a neighbour was making it for us. These were also called biscuit buns as they have crisp edges and crust. I just love...


Sweet & Sour Dal- Aamti

Dal is unmissable in any Indian household, especially in a vegetarian family. It is cooked every single day, for both lunch & dinner. The variety of dals and pulses available in India, has been an inspiration for many creative cooks and housewives. Each region and each family has its own style to cook a dal....



Although I make Malpuas throughout the year, these spongy and light, crispy pancake-like Malpuas are made especially in the winter months. In the North of India, they are often served as breakfast!  Just visualise the winter mist, weak early morning sun filtering through, people wrapped in shawls, huddling near the warmth of the coal-fired stoves...


Onion Bhaji

Kanda “khekda” bhaji After months of heat in Pune summers, the first wild tropical rain comes down dramatically. Strong gusts of wind blow up the dust (sometimes roofs of houses too), then heavy showers often accompanied by rolling thunder and hailstones! Our penthouse flat had wide slanting windows in every room to look out onto...