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Vegan Coconut dessert

Super easy and quick to prepare, this Coconut dessert is one I had to adapt from my Indian-style coconut soufflé! Often when I have guests for dinner and if they are vegan, I tease my brain to find all the Indian non-dairy sweets. For friends who follow kosher meals, who do not eat dairy with...



Although I make Malpuas throughout the year, these spongy and light, crispy pancake-like Malpuas are made especially in the winter months. In the North of India, they are often served as breakfast!  Just visualise the winter mist, weak early morning sun filtering through, people wrapped in shawls, huddling near the warmth of the coal-fired stoves...


Steamed yoghurt – Kharvas

The inspiration for this recipe comes from a pudding-like sweet, Kharvas, my mother and many Maharashtrians cook. Before the time of pasteurized milk in bags, the milkman came to the door between 5:00 and 7:00 in the mornings, on a bicycle or motorcycle with huge cans balanced on both sides. He measured out the milk...