Sumitra has worked as a consultant in the organic food sector since 1986 and has worked in the whole chain, hands-on from setting up farm projects to developing value-added food products that follow the market trend. With more than 20 years of experience, she has professionally advised Indian & European companies in product and brand development e.g. a range of soups, Indian jams, heritage rice assortment, and spice blends and pastes to name a few.

Sumitra has set up high-value food ingredient projects like saffron & vanilla along with specialty rice like the heritage variety – Taraori Basmati. Her professional career extends also in the specialty tea sector, having tested over 100 teas and visited tea- estates in India, Sri Lanka, Japan & South Africa.

She conducts 7-day workshops in Holland for Indian clients in the food sector, innovative agriculture & food-related technologies with the collaboration of Dutch companies & organisations. She has been a founder of two start-ups including product & brand development for Sumiter India Organics B.V and

Sumitra offers Consultancy services:

Product development & brands

Creating recipes for new products & testing

Menu development for restaurants

Tea selection and pairing

Training in Chef schools / young chefs in food ingredients,
tea, spices, and Indian food for young or experienced chefs.

Vegetarian trends & creative recipes, Indian cooking & masterclasses

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