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A Ladakhi / Tibetan pasta soup. In the cold, nearly desert-like conditions of Ladakh, India, there are few vegetables available, and the meat is Yak or lamb meat. As in most Western countries, a warm filling soup, makes a simple meal, fulfilling and satiating, to combat the cold. Chutagi is ideal for winter and autumn....


Savoury sweet Potato

Certain fixed days of a week or some holy days as per the Hindu calendar, some people fast in India. On such days some fast just with water, fruits, and tea, but others call it a “fast” and just eat differently. No garlic and onions are allowed, but things like sweet potato and potato, cucumber,...


Steamed yoghurt – Kharvas

The inspiration for this recipe comes from a pudding-like sweet, Kharvas, my mother and many Maharashtrians cook. Before the time of pasteurized milk in bags, the milkman came to the door between 5:00 and 7:00 in the mornings, on a bicycle or motorcycle with huge cans balanced on both sides. He measured out the milk...


Poona Vegetable Rice

Poona Guest House Pulau Poona Guest House was established by the renowned silent film producer Nanasaheb Sarpotdar in Pune (1935). He died young at 44, but not before he produced 40 odd silent-films, introducing quite a few renowned actresses to the Bollywood film industry! Nanasaheb had started this famous lodging & boarding house primarily to...


Nargisi Kofta

Egg in spiced lamb mince This kofta is named after the poetic daffodil- Narcissus poeticus, found in the Kashmir province of India. A white daffodil with a yellow heart. Hard-boiled egg is encapsulated in an aromatic, soft paste of lamb mince. When you cut it in half, you see the deep-yellow yolk surrounded by white,...



Lacy Rice Pancakes These pancakes from South India and Sri Lanka, are unlike any other you must have ever eaten. Pure white, light, crisp and lacy at the edges, fluffy and unctuously spongy at the center. Appams are traditionally eaten with curries for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Their spongy centres sop up the curry like...



Tangy sweet-spicy Mangalorean pork In India, most Hindus do not eat beef or pork. Traditionally the royal families, the warrior class, and some communities like the Coorgi’s from the south eat wild boar which was available during hunting season. The Catholics from Goa and Mangalore do eat pork as well as in communities in North-east...

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