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Rogan Josh

For seven years I was visiting Kashmir often during a project for research and setting up Dutch saffron bulb test sites and quarantine procedures. It was during these visits that I realized that this part of India, has some similarities to Europe in its biodiversity, due to the birch trees, daffodils, alpine flowers and pines....


10 Minute Mustard Prawns/ Fish.

 I have written this recipe especially for students who can cook it in 10 minutes in their student lodgings! Or for a lazy cook. The least of preparation and ingredients for any Indian curry! At the same time creamy, zingy & lip-smacking delicious. Ready in barely 10 minutes. The recipe is written for 1 person,...


Black Sesame Chicken

Kale Til Diye Murgi Manxo Just a few simple ingredients transform this chicken dish into something special. Lightly spiced, this is a perfect chicken to cook when you wish to present something unusual. Or you want to have something that is mild and not spicy. There are many regional cuisines in India which are light...


Coffee estate Peppercorn Chicken

During my work in the organic sector, I had the opportunity to visit many tea, coffee & spice estates in South India. I cherished these visits as they were in the scenic, verdant mountainous areas of the Western Ghats. The visits felt like working-holidays, meeting earthy, down to earth people, who loved nature as much...



Tangy sweet-spicy Mangalorean pork In India, most Hindus do not eat beef or pork. Traditionally the royal families, the warrior class, and some communities like the Coorgi’s from the south eat wild boar which was available during hunting season. The Catholics from Goa and Mangalore do eat pork as well as in communities in North-east...


Fisherman’s Sour Fish

Mashache Khat A very simple, Malvani (Konkan region on the west coast of India) fisherman’s recipe, which is cooked on a little Primus stove, while at sea. This is a quick cooking, family favourite that delivers a delicious & vibrant curry. The original recipe is equal portions of Malvani masala, garlic, coriander, coconut & tamarind...