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A Ladakhi / Tibetan pasta soup. In the cold, nearly desert-like conditions of Ladakh, India, there are few vegetables available, and the meat is Yak or lamb meat. As in most Western countries, a warm filling soup, makes a simple meal, fulfilling and satiating, to combat the cold. Chutagi is ideal for winter and autumn....


Rogan Josh

For seven years I was visiting Kashmir often during a project for research and setting up Dutch saffron bulb test sites and quarantine procedures. It was during these visits that I realized that this part of India, has some similarities to Europe in its biodiversity, due to the birch trees, daffodils, alpine flowers and pines....


Nargisi Kofta

Egg in spiced lamb mince This kofta is named after the poetic daffodil- Narcissus poeticus, found in the Kashmir province of India. A white daffodil with a yellow heart. Hard-boiled egg is encapsulated in an aromatic, soft paste of lamb mince. When you cut it in half, you see the deep-yellow yolk surrounded by white,...