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Black Sesame Chicken

Kale Til Diye Murgi Manxo Just a few simple ingredients transform this chicken dish into something special. Lightly spiced, this is a perfect chicken to cook when you wish to present something unusual. Or you want to have something that is mild and not spicy. There are many regional cuisines in India which are light...


Coffee estate Peppercorn Chicken

During my work in the organic sector, I had the opportunity to visit many tea, coffee & spice estates in South India. I cherished these visits as they were in the scenic, verdant mountainous areas of the Western Ghats. The visits felt like working-holidays, meeting earthy, down to earth people, who loved nature as much...


Nargisi Kofta

Egg in spiced lamb mince This kofta is named after the poetic daffodil- Narcissus poeticus, found in the Kashmir province of India. A white daffodil with a yellow heart. Hard-boiled egg is encapsulated in an aromatic, soft paste of lamb mince. When you cut it in half, you see the deep-yellow yolk surrounded by white,...