A selection of curated recipes cooked over 20 years in my Indian Supper Club hosted in The Netherlands, India & Osaka. Centuries of culinary heritage is transformed here for contemporary lifestyles and modern kitchens. India is a compendium of recipes from hundreds of diverse communities contributing their heritage as well as local culinary specialties to everyday food. Honed over generations and passed from mothers to daughters, from professional royal palace cooks to their sons and apprentices, it is a treasure trove for all foodies.

Sumitra Naren delves into all this history and her experience to bring you food stories, knowledge of ingredients, and exciting recipes. A source of inspiration for vegetarians, vegans & flexitarians.

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Culinary journey of India

Arriving in The Netherlands 14 years ago, from a country rich in its culinary traditions and humongous edible biodiversity, the country I emigrated to seemed in contrast to being a culinary desert