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Safed Gajar ka halwa

PARSNIP HALWA DESERT In 1992, during one of my visits for a landscape project in Delhi, I was introduced to a winter specialty of Old Delhi- Safed Gajar ka halwa. We have always had Gajar ka halwa at home. A sweet made from the carmine-orange luscious, long, and juicy winter carrots that are grown in...


Aloo Lauki

Potatoes in Lauki/ or Courgette sauce Hanging on climbers with large leaves and enchanting white flowers that open in the evenings, the Lauki/ bottle gourd gets pollinated during the night. The nearly meter-long green fruits could feed a large family. The newer varieties cultivated now have smaller tender fruits. This is an alkaline, juicy vegetable,...


Zucchini/ courgette chutney

In a time when we consciously think of nutritious and healthy options, this chutney is a taste bomb, nutrient-dense and full of fibre. It is a chutney that one will seldom come across in India, as it is more common in coastal south India. I have adapted it to be made outside India too. Originally,...


Vangi Bhareeth- Aubergine Salad

Aubergine is such a versatile vegetable, and amongst vegans and vegetarians, it is a very popular vegetable that is meaty in texture, has a satiating mouthfeel and a savoury-sweet taste. Depending on the variety used and the recipe, it can have a vegetal bitterness or a sweet flesh. Aubergines absorb oil and spices, which gives...


Okra Coconut Curry – Bhendi ghashi

This is my mother’s okra recipe, from Karwar in the West coast & Mangalore. I have been cooking it often at my Supperclubs and people new to okra, just love it. It was a favourite in our family, as it has a sour tang and the creaminess of the coconut. The blend of fenugreek and...


Aubergine Palms

Vangyachi boté This is a very Maharashtrian coastal specialty. Thick aubergine slices, slit ¾ way, that yet hold the slice like a steak together. The slits are filled with masala paste & the slices pan-fried to a crisp crust with a firm but soft flesh! Fantastic to snack on with a beer, or on a...


Cauliflower with Sweet potato & peas

  Ranga Aloo diye Phulkopi In many recipe books and restaurant menus, all of us come across Aloo Gobi. This is a Bengali variation of it that I love much more. It is a colourful medley of vegetables and the spice seeds add a delicious titbit of flavour. The sweet potato is the real surprise element...


Savoury sweet Potato

Certain fixed days of a week or some holy days as per the Hindu calendar, some people fast in India. On such days some fast just with water, fruits, and tea, but others call it a “fast” and just eat differently. No garlic and onions are allowed, but things like sweet potato and potato, cucumber,...

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