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Aloo Lauki

Potatoes in Lauki/ or Courgette sauce Hanging on climbers with large leaves and enchanting white flowers that open in the evenings, the Lauki/ bottle gourd gets pollinated during the night. The nearly meter-long green fruits could feed a large family. The newer varieties cultivated now have smaller tender fruits. This is an alkaline, juicy vegetable,...


Zucchini/ courgette chutney

In a time when we consciously think of nutritious and healthy options, this chutney is a taste bomb, nutrient-dense and full of fibre. It is a chutney that one will seldom come across in India, as it is more common in coastal south India. I have adapted it to be made outside India too. Originally,...


Rogan Josh

For seven years I was visiting Kashmir often during a project for research and setting up Dutch saffron bulb test sites and quarantine procedures. It was during these visits that I realized that this part of India, has some similarities to Europe in its biodiversity, due to the birch trees, daffodils, alpine flowers and pines....


Vangi Bhareeth- Aubergine Salad

Aubergine is such a versatile vegetable, and amongst vegans and vegetarians, it is a very popular vegetable that is meaty in texture, has a satiating mouthfeel and a savoury-sweet taste. Depending on the variety used and the recipe, it can have a vegetal bitterness or a sweet flesh. Aubergines absorb oil and spices, which gives...


10 Minute Mustard Prawns/ Fish.

 I have written this recipe especially for students who can cook it in 10 minutes in their student lodgings! Or for a lazy cook. The least of preparation and ingredients for any Indian curry! At the same time creamy, zingy & lip-smacking delicious. Ready in barely 10 minutes. The recipe is written for 1 person,...


Kadhi Pakora

This is a delicious and simple recipe for vegetarians with added proteins in the form of the pakoras. Yoghurt based sauce is very lightly spiced which can be eaten with rotis, parathas or on warm basmati rice. It is one of the staples and comfort food in many Indian homes. Traditionally, it was a recycling...


Chai masala Crème Brulée

The British left a legacy behind in India: Caramel custard (Crème Brulée), Trifle puddings, and jellies. I saw the same popular puddings as a legacy of the British in South Africa, too. I love its simplicity and its delicious creaminess. Besides, it stays in the fridge for a good 3-4 days, so I can make...


Okra Coconut Curry – Bhendi ghashi

This is my mother’s okra recipe, from Karwar in the West coast & Mangalore. I have been cooking it often at my Supperclubs and people new to okra, just love it. It was a favourite in our family, as it has a sour tang and the creaminess of the coconut. The blend of fenugreek and...


Aubergine Palms

Vangyachi boté This is a very Maharashtrian coastal specialty. Thick aubergine slices, slit ¾ way, that yet hold the slice like a steak together. The slits are filled with masala paste & the slices pan-fried to a crisp crust with a firm but soft flesh! Fantastic to snack on with a beer, or on a...


Black Sesame Chicken

Kale Til Diye Murgi Manxo Just a few simple ingredients transform this chicken dish into something special. Lightly spiced, this is a perfect chicken to cook when you wish to present something unusual. Or you want to have something that is mild and not spicy. There are many regional cuisines in India which are light...

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