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Publishing my dream cookbook Food, and cooking, has been my passion since I was 14 years old. Since the year 2000, I have been working in the food sector. My expertise is in speciality food ingredients and creating recipes for organic companies, including my brand, TeaLoveSpices. Vanilla, saffron, basmati, and heritage rice from different countries,...

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A Ladakhi / Tibetan pasta soup. In the cold, nearly desert-like conditions of Ladakh, India, there are few vegetables available, and the meat is Yak or lamb meat. As in most Western countries, a warm filling soup, makes a simple meal, fulfilling and satiating, to combat the cold. Chutagi is ideal for winter and autumn....


Safed Gajar ka halwa

PARSNIP HALWA DESERT In 1992, during one of my visits for a landscape project in Delhi, I was introduced to a winter specialty of Old Delhi- Safed Gajar ka halwa. We have always had Gajar ka halwa at home. A sweet made from the carmine-orange luscious, long, and juicy winter carrots that are grown in...


Aloo Lauki

Potatoes in Lauki/ or Courgette sauce Hanging on climbers with large leaves and enchanting white flowers that open in the evenings, the Lauki/ bottle gourd gets pollinated during the night. The nearly meter-long green fruits could feed a large family. The newer varieties cultivated now have smaller tender fruits. This is an alkaline, juicy vegetable,...


Zucchini/ courgette chutney

In a time when we consciously think of nutritious and healthy options, this chutney is a taste bomb, nutrient-dense and full of fibre. It is a chutney that one will seldom come across in India, as it is more common in coastal south India. I have adapted it to be made outside India too. Originally,...


Rogan Josh

For seven years I was visiting Kashmir often during a project for research and setting up Dutch saffron bulb test sites and quarantine procedures. It was during these visits that I realized that this part of India, has some similarities to Europe in its biodiversity, due to the birch trees, daffodils, alpine flowers and pines....

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