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Okra Coconut Curry – Bhendi ghashi

This is my mother’s okra recipe, from Karwar in the West coast & Mangalore. I have been cooking it often at my Supperclubs and people new to okra, just love it. It was a favourite in our family, as it has a sour tang and the creaminess of the coconut. The blend of fenugreek and...


Aubergine Palms

Vangyachi boté This is a very Maharashtrian coastal specialty. Thick aubergine slices, slit ¾ way, that yet hold the slice like a steak together. The slits are filled with masala paste & the slices pan-fried to a crisp crust with a firm but soft flesh! Fantastic to snack on with a beer, or on a...


Dal & Pulses- Plant based protein.

Dals and pulses are an essential part of most Indian daily meals. Not only for vegetarians, but also those who eat meat, will cook a Dal most of the days. A variety of beans and pulses are grown all over India, as part of the crop rotation. Pulses comprise a major chunk of the protein...

September 8, 2021September 9, 2021

Black Sesame Chicken

Kale Til Diye Murgi Manxo Just a few simple ingredients transform this chicken dish into something special. Lightly spiced, this is a perfect chicken to cook when you wish to present something unusual. Or you want to have something that is mild and not spicy. There are many regional cuisines in India which are light...


Fisherman’s Sour Fish

Mashache Khat A very simple, Malvani (Konkan region on the west coast of India) fisherman’s recipe, which is cooked on a little Primus stove, while at sea. This is a quick cooking, family favourite that delivers a delicious & vibrant curry. The original recipe is equal portions of Malvani masala, garlic, coriander, coconut & tamarind...


Ekabari – Courgette Khichadi

A variation on many rice Khichadis that India has, this one is from Orissa located on the East coast of India. This is a festival recipe, one of the 56 dishes ( Chappan Bhog) cooked for the festivities of the God Jagannath in Orissa. It is one of the few khichadis that incorporate vegetables &...


Peanut Curry

Danyachi Aamti. My granny, Mai, used to fast on many of the sacred days, as well as once a week. My father often joked about it “she makes a feast on fasting days!” There used to be an array of small dishes cooked for herself. Of course, as kids we got a “Prashad” -sort of...


Making Sprouts at Home

Indians traditionally always make sprouts at home. Healthy, crunchy, fresh and without plastic packaging. It is a good replacement for commercial sprouted beans! My Ayurvedic Vaidya always used to tell me, sprouts that have just emerged, are chock-full with the best enzymes and B Vitamins needed for your body & nutrition. In India, it took...

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