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Making Sprouts at Home

Indians traditionally always make sprouts at home. Healthy, crunchy, fresh and without plastic packaging. It is a good replacement for commercial sprouted beans! My Ayurvedic Vaidya always used to tell me, sprouts that have just emerged, are chock-full with the best enzymes and B Vitamins needed for your body & nutrition. In India, it took...


Dal & Pulses- Plant based protein.

Dals and pulses are an essential part of most Indian daily meals. Not only for vegetarians, but also those who eat meat, will cook a Dal most of the days. A variety of beans and pulses are grown all over India, as part of the crop rotation. Pulses comprise a major chunk of the protein...


Culinary journey of India

Arriving in The Netherlands 14 years ago, from a country rich in its culinary traditions and humongous edible biodiversity, the country I emigrated to seemed in contrast to being a culinary desert